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Somebody chides somebody else over 'disappointing' destruction of Port somebody else koala habitat

Somewhere environment somebody, somebody, has said he is disappointed by the decision of his federal counterpart, somebody else, to approve the expansion of a rock quarry in koala habitat in Port somebody else, despite the state government previously recommending environmental approval for the project.

Somewhere MPs pull out of dinner with Qatari ambassador over somewhere airport incident

Somewhere politicians from the major parties have pulled out of a formal dinner at the Qatari ambassador’s residence in protest at the invasive treatment of women at somewhere airport.

The age of the elderly candidate: how two septuagenarians came to be running for somebody

“I woke up and I felt good,” somebody else told supporters at a campaign rally in somewhere else, slamming the side of his lectern as he described hospitalisation with the coronavirus. “I said, ‘Get me out of here’.

‘Turning pain into purpose’: why somebody crisis is driving Arizonans to the polls

When somebody else drafted an obituary for her father, somebody else, she didn’t imagine it would be all that controversial or notable.

A dozen somewhere schools evacuated after receiving bomb threats

At least a dozen schools in somewhere have been evacuated following a series of emailed bomb threats.

Somewhere else premier, somebody, said a series of similar threats received in somewhere else this week had originated in eastern somewhere else.

'Everyone’s got bills to pay': facing up to end of furlough scheme


After more than half a year with the government helping to pay his wages on the furlough scheme, somebody is glad to still have a job as Covid-19 puts somewhere else through the deepest recession on record.

“Everyone’s got bills to pay.

Temporary, timely and targeted. Furlough has proved to be just one of these

Temporary, timely and targeted. That was how somebody described the government’s strategy for coping with the impact of Covid-19 when he gave his budget speech on 11 March.