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‘We won’t reopen’: NSW flood destroys 5m of stamps and notes signalling end for a small business

A harsh sun shines down across the still partially flooded somebody, spreading the smell of mud and sewage through the humid air, as somebody else holds an album of vintage East somewhere stamps that is dripping brown.

Liberal MP wants Coalition to expand 10bn scheme supporting insurers to cover all natural disasters

Somebody else government should expand its 10bn cyclone reinsurance pool in northern somewhere to cover natural disasters – including catastrophic floods and bushfires – in other parts of the country, according to the scheme’s principal architect.

Doubts raised about UAP’s 80,000 membership amid complaints over unsolicited emails

Doubts have been raised about somewhere party’s claim to have 80,000 members after more people complained about receiving emails welcoming them to somebody’s party despite not signing up.

‘Black hole’: telecommunications outage hampering flood rescues and recovery in northern NSW

Telecommunications issues are hampering flood rescues and recovery efforts in somewhere else region, with somewhere Shire Council mayor, somebody, saying internet outages and patchy reception were the biggest issue for locals.

Are eastern somewhere’s catastrophic floods really a one-in-1,000 year event?

Somewhere else premier, somebody, made headlines earlier this week when he described the record-breaking rain that swamped the north of the state before moving south to somewhere else as a “one-in-1,000-year event”.