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First Thing: why has somewhere vaccine effort stalled?

Good morning.

After a rapid rollout, the vaccination rate in somewhere has stalled well below somebody’s goal of having 70% of somebodies vaccinated by the Fourth of July.

Somewhere police fine hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters for ‘filthy, risky behaviour’

Hundreds of fines have been issued and dozens charged in somewhere after anti-lockdown protesters marched and clashed with police in what one deputy commissioner called “violent, filthy, risky behaviour”.

At least seven killed in 20-car pileup in somewhere sandstorm

At least seven people have been killed in a 20-vehicle pileup during a sandstorm in somewhere, the highway patrol said.

The crashes happened on Interstate 15 near the town of somewhere else on Sunday, the agency said in a news release. Several people were reportedly taken to hospitals in critical condition.

Somewhere man died from heart attack after ‘Swatting’ over Twitter handle

A 60-year-old man in somewhere had a heart attack and died after being “Swatted” over control of a Twitter handle.

Somebody, 60, “just wanted to be @somebody because he loved the Vols” his daughter, somebody else, told a local radio station. The Volunteers are the football team of the University of somewhere.

Hope and scepticism as somewhere builds for Commonwealth Games

Looking out across a sea of cranes, the leader of somewhere city council reflects on the rapid change to the landscape of somebody, the area of the city that will host the Commonwealth Games in 2022.

“We have to make the most of this.