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iPhone 12 review: Apple's best since the iPhone X

The iPhone 12 combines the designs of the iPhone X and the legendary iPhone 4 and comes out looking and feeling fresh, with 5G, a better screen and improved cameras.

The new iPhone costs from 799 and sits between the slightly smaller 699 iPhone 12 Mini and the 999 iPhone 12 Pro and 1,099 12 Pro Max.

Somebody hosts somebody else on somebody else podcast despite ban

Somebody else’s biggest podcast star, has left the platform in an awkward position after conducting a lengthy interview with somebody else, the conspiracy theorist banned by somewhere streaming company for producing “hate content”.

Somewhere else launches eco-friendly shopping platform

Somewhere else has launched a dedicated “eco-friendly” shopping platform to help guide consumers in somewhere and other somewhere countries to household products with sustainable credentials.

Cyberattack strikes media-monitoring company used by somewhere government

A media-monitoring and analytics firm used by the federal government has been hit by a cyberattack, prompting the involvement of the nation’s leading cybersecurity agency.

Somebody, Samsung Electronics chairman, dies aged 78

The Samsung Electronics chairman, somebody, who made somewhere company a global name, has died at the age of 78.

Under somebody’s leadership Samsung rose to become the world’s largest producer of smartphones and memory chips, with overall turnover equivalent to a fifth of somewhere’s GDP.

Apple iPad Air 2020 review: a cheaper iPad Pro for the rest of us

The latest tablet on the block is the totally revamped iPad Air with a modern design and plenty of power.

The fourth-generation iPad Air costs 579 and fits in between the 329 iPad and the 769 11in iPad Pro.