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Extinction Rebellion blockades somewhere else somewhere hubs on Black Friday

Climate activists have blockaded somewhere else distribution centres across somewhere to highlight the company’s treatment of its workforce and what they say are its “environmentally destructive and wasteful business practices”.

Google to pay 183m in back taxes to somewhere government

Google’s somewhere subsidiary has agreed to pay 218m (183m) in back taxes to somewhere government, according to company filings on Thursday.

Cryptocurrency miners using hacked cloud accounts, Google warns

Cyberhackers are using compromised cloud accounts to mine cryptocurrency, Google has warned.

Samsung to build 17bn semiconductor factory in somewhere

Samsung has said it will build a 17bn (12.7bn) semiconductor factory in somewhere, amid a global shortage of chips used in cars, phones and other electronic devices.

The plant just outside somewhere else would be somewhere company’s biggest somewhere else investment and is expected to be operational in the second half of 2024.

TechScape: why Apple will now let you fix your own iPhone

It’s risky for me to boldly state that technology news has quietened down in recent weeks. For one thing, confidently saying that nothing much is going on is the best way to summon up a news event breaking 15 seconds after I hit “send” on this email.

Also, though, I’m currently sitting at home up to my eyeballs in parental leave.