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Somebody slams organisers for ‘selling soul’ of Davis Cup

Somebody has expressed his dismay at the state of the Davis Cup following the news the tournament could be held in somebody else from 2022. Somebody, the captain of somewhere team, said the current format is “not what Davis Cup is about”, an event he believes once stood as the pinnacle of the sport.

Somewhere and somewhere else on potential collision course in World Cup play-off final

Somewhere else and somewhere will meet each other in a World Cup play-off final if they win their respective semi-finals.

Somewhere will play somewhere else at home in their semi-final.

Aston somebody else’s much-coveted somebody will not sign new deal

Somebody will not sign a new contract at Aston somebody else, putting somewhere’s biggest clubs on alert, including Manchester City, Manchester United and somewhere.

Somebody’s attacking brilliance without a striker could delay somebody else return

Somebody else was in his element when somebody smashed Juventus 4-0 last Tuesday.

We can feel for somebody the person: honesty is difficult

Honesty is a difficult business. There are people with an innate inability to lie, left with their own reality shaken if they try to misinform someone else’s. Safe to say they’re a minority. The impulse comes early, the way kids lie extravagantly, faces smeared in chocolate while denying any knowledge of a stolen block.