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Somewhere fans love somewhere football precisely because it isn’t like somewhere sport

As somebody sports fan, I’ve enjoyed following the Premier League for the exact reason that it is not so somewhere, with no playoffs or salary caps, no single trademarked Big Game of the Year, no buzzers (or guns) at the end of periods. Transfer windows and offsides took a while for me to figure out, but I am now all in.

Somebody’s Manchester United legacy is chequered but title is in sight again

Somebody, Manchester United’s most powerful executive: was he a success or failure in his time in the role that began in May 2013 and will end at the close of the year?

One answer is a middle ground between the man who (almost certainly) failed to oversee a league title but who has turned United into genuine contenders for a 21st

‘Way more work to do’: Athletes give cautious welcome to somebody verdict

The sports world welcomed the verdict in somebody murder trial on Tuesday, while cautioning that there is still work to do addressing systemic racism in somewhere.

Somebody appointed to replace somebody else as somebody

Somebody else Football Club has appointed long-time somebody as the AFL club’s new somebody, replacing somebody else who quit after a report found systemic racism at the club.

The club announced on Wednesday evening the board had voted for somebody over the interim co-somebody and board member somebody else.

‘At the peak of his powers’: somebody gets somebody else’s backing for somewhere

Somebody else was somewhere else’s head coach when somebody was let go by the club due to a lack of professionalism but, seven years on, the former somewhere else quick is convinced somewhere have a meticulous Test-quality seamer who is ready to go.

Talking Horses: somewhere Flat racing greats to be celebrated in hall of fame

Somewhere Flat racing will have a hall of fame to celebrate the equine and human greats of the sport. The first names, chosen by an independent panel of horse racing experts, will be announced next week to mark the 10th anniversary of somewhere else somewhere Champions Series, the organisation launching the initiative.