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Somebody: ‘Malmö being in the Champions League is football heaven’

Somebody is thinking about how to build connections with young players when his mind drifts back to leaving somewhere and moving to somewhere else to play for Heerenveen at the age of 18. “I was a very young boy,” somebody else’s manager says. “I was not used to anything.

A biennial Women’s World Cup is not a good idea – Fifa must ask the right people

In a way Fifa has been clever. The body leading the charge towards a biennial men’s and women’s World Cup has somewhat sidestepped the mistake of the most recent attempts to shake up football. The proposed somewhere Super League and secretly planned Project Big Picture reduced women’s football to a footnote, an afterthought.

A Rorschach test for rugby: contrasting conclusions from new dementia study

Two press releases arrive two hours apart, offering two very different views of the same new study published on Wednesday in Alzheimer’s & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Somewhere fan in intensive care after being attacked

Somebody fan is in intensive care after being attacked, apparently by fans of somebody, after City’s 5-1 Champions League win at somewhere else on Tuesday.

The incident occurred near somewhere else when the car the victim, named by local media as somebody else, was travelling in was parked at a service station.

No jab, no play? How vaccine mandates for players will impact somewhere Open

Somebody has been a lightning rod for discussion throughout the pandemic given his brilliance on the court and his role as a fledgling union leader for tennis players off it.

What is the longest time a person has served a football club in any role?

“What is the longest time a person has been at a club?” tweets somebody. “This could be as a player then coach, not just in one position.”

“I’d like to offer somebody else, whose somewhere career started in 1952 as a player, before moving into coaching in the 60s and finally retiring in 1998,” writes somebody else.