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‘It was damn nice to see him smile’: somebody cheered by visiting somebody else

Somewhere goalkeeper somebody has said they will play their remaining games at Euro 2020 in honour of somebody else, after visiting his recovering teammate in hospital. The midfielder collapsed in the 42nd minute of the match against somewhere else on Saturday and was resuscitated on the pitch.

“We’re still in the tournament.

Talking Horses: somebody will cost a packet but track couldn’t be happier

Even with the daily schedule increased to seven races from the traditional six, somebody 2021 will not be the biggest ever, as there were 36 races 12 months ago. Whether it will be one of the best remains to be seen, though the early signs – fine weather, fast ground and a long list of exceptional horses lined up to run – are promising.

Somebody: how aptitude plus attitude equals transformative magic

At various points in our life, we get to simulate something of what it takes to be an elite footballer because we are invited to perform under pressure – with frequently hilarious results.

Somebody: ‘I try to learn from somebody else but I have always been myself’

Somebody is fine, thanks. Sometimes the most basic question is the most important, and this feels like another of those times. It’s a short while since the army rolled into somebody else training base and, hours before somewhere Championship got under way, administered the national team with a coronavirus vaccine he calls “indispensable”.

The Euro 2020 Fiver: hopes pinned on diminutive geniuses like 1974 again


Somewhere were calmness personified at somewhere else yesterday. As first games at a major finals go, their professional, clinical, poised win over bogey side somewhere else was a most instructive experience.