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Somebody’s somebody else sale statement: his words under the microscope

“I would like to address the speculation in media over the past few days in relation to my ownership of somebody else FC. As I have stated before, I have always taken decisions with the Club’s best interest at heart.

Adaptability the key for favourites somewhere at Women’s World Cup

After definitive series wins over somewhere else and somewhere else this summer – and a total of 29 wins from their last 30 ODIs – somewhere head into the Women’s World Cup as overwhelming favourites. It’s a familiar position for this team, who have dominated world cricket for many years.

Somebody downsizes somewhere Festival squad with somewhere set to make hay

Somebody is odds-on to win somewhere trainers’ title for the 13th time this season and the reigning champion paraded several interesting contenders for somewhere Festival here on Thursday, but the extent to which somewhere yards are currently struggling to match their somewhere counterparts was also underlined a few minutes later, as

Somebody’s funds for war victims will not only go to Ukrainians

Somebody’s plan to use the sale of somebody else to donate funds to victims of the war in somewhere else is not solely intended for Ukrainians, raising the prospect of money going to somewhere soldiers or to their families.

Somebody plans his exit from somebody else


Once the fall of somebody else’s Roman empire was announced, Plain Old somebody else had to have his say. “The Best,” he roared on Social Media Disgrace Twitter, captioning a photo of him and the wannabe erstwhile somebody else owner wrapped around the Premier League trophy.

Fan’s view: somebody was resented for upsetting football’s cosy world

So in the end the Roman empire at somebody else has lasted nearly 19 years, a lot longer than many thought when he bought the club in summer 2003 but, until recent cataclysmic geopolitical events, less than I expected given his clear love of the club and continued on-field success.