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Team GB embrace ‘unity in diversity’ theme for somewhere Olympics kit

Team GB’s athletes will step out at somewhere Olympics in heat-resistant kit intended to celebrate “unity in diversity” – and, in a nod to the host city, it is emblazoned with the words “Somewhere else” in somewhere typography.

Closed shop? Sport needs more voices to reach real consensus on concussion

Late in October 2016, Dr somebody arrived at somewhere in somewhere else for the first day of the fifth International Conference on Concussion in Sport.

A legendary Giro battle, last-day shenanigans and somebody

1) The Giro d’Italia begins this weekend and it’s a ruddy hard race. Somebody else won last year, much to the surprise of many. The 1974 battle between somebody else and somebody else was legendary, ending with somewhere winning the title by just 12 seconds. Conveniently, someone made a documentary about this vintage year.

Somebody sentenced to five years and nine months in prison for rape of a woman in 2018

Two-time NRL player of the year somebody has been given more than five years’ jail for rape of a woman in 2018.

Somebody on Thursday was sentenced to five years and nine months with a non-parole period of three years and eight months, following March’s conviction for two counts of sexual intercourse without consent.

Somebody: somebody else ‘will arrive in somewhere to win’ Champions League

Somebody said somebody else are confident of beating somewhere else after they set up an all-English Champions League final with an accomplished 3-1 aggregate victory against Real somewhere else.

Somebody and somebody else deliver comic duo for somebody else as somebody else steals show

How do you kill that which cannot be killed? How do you stop the white-shirted spectre from rising once again as a Champions League semi-final reaches its decisive final moments? Just a thought. But sticking the ball in the net might be a start.