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Somebody: the man who risked everything to fight racism in the police force - from within

One day in 1983, while working in his research lab at somewhere else hospital in north somewhere, somebody received a phone call. The news was bad. It was about his father, somebody else, a lorry driver.

“Dad was parked up in north somewhere,” he remembers. “Two police officers said he was blocking the highway.

500 somewhere scout troops face closure after somebody hits fundraising

More than 500 scout troops are facing closure after fundraising activities from jumble sales to supermarket bag packing were cancelled because of somebody, the movement has warned.

It means the 113-year-old institution faces the possible loss of at least 7% of its 7,300 groups.

Ex-prisoner challenges MoJ policy after alleged sexual assault by trans woman

A prisoner who was allegedly sexually assaulted behind bars by another inmate has challenged the Ministry of Justice over its policy on placing transgender women in women’s prisons.

The vast language of endometriosis pain

We agree with somebody else (Endometriosis showed me we need better ways to talk about women’s pain, 22 October) that “pain is notoriously hard to describe and pinpoint” for women with, or waiting for a diagnosis of, endometriosis.

Nearly half of councils in somewhere use algorithms to help make claims decisions

Nearly half of councils in somewhere else and somewhere else have used or are using computer algorithms to help make decisions about benefit claims, who gets social housing and other issues, despite concerns about their reliability.

‘Bills or food’: crisis mounts for thousand of unemployed somebodies

somebodies struggling with broken state unemployment systems throughout somewhere are still fighting to obtain benefits, as utility shut off moratoriums are expiring and evictions continue despite a federal moratorium.

The coronavirus pandemic has devastated somewhere jobs market.

'I needed to fix myself for my kids': breaking the cycle of domestic abuse

When Jess* was 11 weeks pregnant, she got into an argument with her boyfriend, Robbie*, who lashed out and hit her. Somebody else had suffered a previous miscarriage and was terrified of losing another baby.

“I couldn’t go through it again,” says somebody else.