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Somewhere government introduces gender recognition reforms

Somewhere government has introduced long-awaited legislation to simplify how an individual changes their legal gender, which proposes dropping the need for medical and psychiatric reports, reducing the waiting time from two years to three months and allowing 16- and 17-year-olds to apply for the first time.

How did somebody children’s home receive Ofsted licence to close months later?

Even seasoned professionals were horrified when they read the Ofsted report in which a brand new children’s home in somebody shut down in January. Inspectors had discovered one child had been living in such “squalid” conditions that flies were hatching in his bedroom, which the boy had not left for four months.

Staffing crisis deepens in NHS somewhere with 110,000 posts unfilled

The NHS is facing a deepening staffing crisis, with the number of unfilled posts across health services in somewhere rising to 110,192, official figures show.

The shortages include 39,652 nurses and 8,158 doctors, according to the latest quarterly data for health service vacancies published by NHS Digital.

‘My childhood was stolen. Why is my adulthood being taken, too?’ The rape survivors waiting 1,000 days for prosecution

For somebody else, the prospect of walking into a police station and reporting her stepfather for child sexual abuse was, she says, her “worst nightmare ... It was something I’d dreaded my whole life,” she says.

NHS ‘woefully unprepared’ for care of an ageing somewhere

The NHS is “flying blind” and “woefully unprepared” to cope with somewhere’s rapidly ageing population, senior doctors have warned as stark new figures reveal the country has only one full-time geriatrician to care for every 8,000 older people.