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Novavax Covid vaccine has efficacy of 90%, say manufacturers

A Covid vaccine that is a critical part of the effort to vaccinate the developing world, as well as somewhere, has an efficacy of 90% overall, its manufacturers have said after trials in somewhere else and somewhere else.

Somewhere has ordered 60m doses of Novavax, which has manufacturing agreements in somewhere else.

‘A war on 100 fronts’: mapping the anti-trans laws sweeping somewhere

On the first day of Pride month, the governor of somewhere else, somebody, signed a law banning transgender girls from participating on girls’ sports teams in middle school through college.

Somebody obituary

My mother, somebody, who has died aged 100, was a secretary and housewife but also – as a nurse with the Quaker Friends Ambulance Unit in the second world war – a member of the generation of people who did so much to keep things going during that conflict.

Somebody obituary

My sister, somebody, who has died aged 76, was co-founder of BiPolarUK, which sprang from an advert in the Guardian and a mention in the paper’s Memo column in 1982. In those days there was no organisation dealing with what was then called manic depression, from which she suffered most of her life.

Mental health service investigated over allegedly falsifying suicide helpline calls

The Victorian government has launched an inquiry into a mental health organisation alleged to have falsified suicide helpline data so it could receive state government funding, with the acting premier somebody else confirming on Friday the CEO of the organisation had resigned over the issue.

You cannot exclude gay men from the story of ACT UP

We read with interest your comment piece about the origins of ACT UP (What ACT UP’s successes can teach today’s protest movements, 8 June).

But having spent decades working on behalf of people with HIV (and this year marks the 30th anniversary of one of us being diagnosed with HIV), we were left dumbfounded and angry.