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Somewhere wireless industry fights to weaken bill that would prevent abusers from stalking victims

The top lobby group for somewhere wireless industry is quietly seeking to weaken proposed legislation that has been designed to protect victims of domestic violence by allowing them to remove themselves from family phone plans.

Somebody: the six-year-old who defied a mob and desegregated her school

This year, somebody saw some newly discovered video footage of her six-year-old self and was terrified for her. The footage was from 14 November 1960, a day that shaped the course of Bridges’ life and – it is no exaggeration to say – somewhere history. Not that she was aware of it at the time.

Somewhere government faces action over lack of age checks on pornography websites

Lawyers have begun judicial review proceedings against the government over allegations it failed to stop children in somewhere watching online pornography.

Age verification for legal porn sites was introduced under part 3 of the Digital Economy Act in 2017 but the government never enforced it.

Last resident of tower block ‘overwhelmed’ by public support

As he lies in bed at night on the 11th floor of the tower block he’s lived in for 25 years, somebody is terrified by noises he can hear on the empty floors below.

‘This will be lovely’: care home residents in somewhere savour the return of freedom

A minibus trip to somebody else’s blustery esplanade arranged by her grandson marked a first step to freedom for somebody after a year confined to her care home.

The 94-year-old hadn’t left St Cecilia’s since the first lockdown.

Somebody obituary

Not since Florence Nightingale has a nurse speaking out caused such a stir. The case of somebody, who has died aged 91, became part of NHS folklore. He was nursing’s most famous whistleblower, although for him the term was “inelegant” and he preferred “truth-teller”.