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‘Complete removal of hope’: an inmate on life in a close supervision centre

Somebody was given a life sentence with a minimum term of 35 years in jail in 2008 for the murder of three men in a dispute over drugs, and the attempted murder of two women who were in the house at the time. His brother, somebody else, fired the shots but somebody was convicted under the law of joint enterprise.

Fifty-two prisoners in close supervision units ‘that may amount to torture’

Fifty-two people are being held in prison units in somewhere and somewhere else in conditions that a UN human rights expert has said may amount to torture, the Guardian has learned.

NHS somewhere set to announce its new chief executive within days

A senior NHS boss and former service high-flyer are among the leading contenders to succeed somebody else in NHS somewhere’s top job, with an announcement imminent.

Somebody obituary

Somebody, who has died aged 75 of pancreatic cancer, was a key figure in autism studies, and an indefatigable advocate for autistic people for three decades. Her acute insight lay in the importance of attention and interests to an understanding of the condition.

‘Negligently amateur’: Survivor decries Scouts’ inquiry into alleged abuse at 13

Somebody alleges she was sexually assaulted a number of times by a young scout leader when she was 13 and member of a troop. She says her ordeal was made worse by the way her case was handled.

“It took years for me to come to terms with being sexually assaulted by a junior leader on multiple occasions,” said somebody, now 27.

More than 250 convicted of child sexual abuse in somewhere and somewhere else while in Scout movement

More than 250 people in somewhere and somewhere else have been convicted of child sexual abuse offences committed while they were Scout leaders or in other positions of responsibility within the Scout movement since the 1950s, according to analysis that raises questions about the organisation’s safeguarding procedures.