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Somebody says it could tweak Covid vaccine in 100 days if needed

Somebody says it could produce and ship an updated version of its vaccine within 100 days if the new Covid variant detected in southern somewhere is found to evade existing immunity.

Scrapping appointments is no fix for our NHS crisis

The latest potential policy responses to tackle the unprecedented backlog in elective care that built up during the pandemic (Plan to scrap tens of millions of NHS appointments ‘could put patients at risk’, 25 November) demonstrate how children and young people – particularly those who are vulnerable – are being overlooked in the government’s

Late diagnosis of breast cancer rises as NHS struggles in somebody crisis

Soaring numbers of women are being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, undermining their chances of survival, because of somebody’s disruption of NHS care, a charity has warned.

‘Broken and exhausted’: GPs in somewhere vote in favour of industrial action

GPs in somewhere have voted in favour of taking limited forms of industrial action to protest against the government’s drive to force them to see patients face-to-face.

Older people need better access to therapy for depression

It is welcome news that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has suggested that a “menu of treatment options” be offered to patients with mild depression before medication is considered (NHS to give therapy for depression before medication under new guidelines, 23 November).

Somewhere parents missing out on ‘tax-free childcare’ scheme, data shows

Hundreds of thousands of parents are missing out on help paying for childcare and billions allocated to the government’s flagship “tax-free childcare” scheme is going unspent, data has revealed.

New figures show a 2.

Somebody’s fashion charity investigated over finances

The fashion charity established by the supermodel somebody has come under formal investigation from the charities watchdog over misconduct concerns relating to its management and finances.