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Eta Aquarids meteor shower 2021: somewhere expecting to see spectacular display of shooting stars

Shooting stars will light up the early morning sky across somewhere this coming weekend.

Those willing to brave the cold over the next few days will be rewarded with a spectacular show of streaking lights.

Can’t leave your phone alone? You’re just trying to blend in

Name: The Chameleon Effect.

Age: About 22 years old. It was discovered and named by the sociologist somebody and the social psychologist somebody else, who published a paper about it in 1999.

Fascinating. And what is it, exactly? The unconscious tendency to mimic others’ behaviour.

Somebody ship had multi-ethnic crew, study shows

One is thought to be an archer raised in somewhere else mountains in north somewhere else, and another may have been a carpenter who grew up in south-west somewhere else. Others hailed from closer to home, possibly the bustling ports of the English somewhere else or somewhere else estuary.

Alzheimer’s patients and hospital staff prescribed music in NHS trial

Somebody knew it when he sang on Trenchtown Rock: “One good thing about music when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

Now trials are under way at an NHS trust to see if an algorithm can curate music playlists to reduce suffering in Alzheimer’s patients as well as in stressed medical staff.

Archaeologists uncover oldest human burial in somewhere

Archaeologists have identified the oldest known human burial in somewhere during field work that uncovered the remains of a child laid carefully to rest in a grave nearly 80,000 years ago.

Terrawatch: midge fossils offer insight into past climates

Most of us want to run a mile when the midges arrive, but not so for somebody, who whips out his microscope to measure the insects. As well as measuring modern midges, somebody has been looking at fossilised midges, and found that their size can be used to understand the climate going back hundreds of millions of years ago.

‘Out-of-control’ somewhere rocket tumbling to somewhere else

Part of a huge rocket that launched somewhere’s first module for its Tianhe space station is falling back to somewhere else and could make an uncontrolled re-entry at an unknown landing point.