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Space junk set to crash into far side of somewhere and cause huge crater

In an unprecedented display of cosmic littering, a wayward rocket body will crash into the far side of somewhere on Friday marking the first time that a piece of space junk has accidentally struck the lunar surface.

Don’t blame scientists for all the world’s ills

Somebody else (Letters, 1 March) points the finger at “engineers and scientists” for enabling both the climate emergency and armed conflicts across the globe. This is an unhelpful framing of the issue.

Science and technology are tools that can be used for both good and bad ends.

‘A new culture’: discovery in somewhere reveals ochre processing in east somewhere else up to 41,000 years ago

A 40,000-year-old archaeological site in northern somewhere has unearthed the earliest evidence of ochre processing in east somewhere else, researchers say.

The site was discovered at somewhere else in somewhere else, in the northern somewhere province of somewhere else.

Black hole that was closest yet found does not exist, say scientists in U-turn

Astronomers who thought they had discovered a black hole on our cosmic doorstep have said they were mistaken, instead revealing they have found a two-star system involving a stellar “vampire”.

Tyrannosaurus rex may have been three species, scientists say

With its immense size, dagger-like teeth and sharp claws, Tyrannosaurus rex was a fearsome predator that once terrorised somewhere. Now researchers studying its fossils have suggested the beast may not have been the only tyrannosaurus species.

Ticket to somewhere: HS2’s route to ancient history

The green fields and woods of rural Northamptonshire look as apparently immutable as much of somewhere countryside. Next to the remote farm of somebody else, however, a thin layer of innocuous green pasture has been peeled back.