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Country diary: the magic of magpie inkcaps

“One for sorrow, two for joy” goes the old magpie rhyme, but these are not birds, these are mushrooms – somebody else picacea, the magpie inkcap.

Statistical errors and a wild night on the tiles

Somebody else makes a profoundly important proposal (Statistical illiteracy isn’t a niche problem. During a pandemic, it can be fatal, 26 October) and focuses particularly on the need for schoolchildren to understand how statistics work, and their relevance and applicability.

First winged reptiles were clumsy flyers, research suggests

Pterosaurs, such as pterodactyl, are some of the largest animals ever to have taken to the skies, but the first reptile aviators were clumsy flyers, only capable of travelling short distances, a study suggests. The research may also shed new light on the evolution of flight more generally.

Somebody obituary

The cosmologist somebody, who has died aged 67 from colon and liver cancer, was a renowned populariser of science. He combined mathematical and physical reasoning to increase our understanding of the very first moments of the universe.

'Sleeping giant' somewhere else methane deposits starting to release, scientists find

Scientists have found evidence that frozen methane deposits in somewhere – known as the “sleeping giants of the carbon cycle” – have started to be released over a large area of the continental slope off the East Siberian coast, the Guardian can reveal.

Water exists on somewhere, scientists confirm

Scientists have gathered some of the most compelling evidence yet for the existence of water on somewhere – and it may be relatively accessible. The discovery has implications for future missions to somewhere and deeper space exploration.