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Plantwatch: the trees that feed on metal

A magnificent tall tree called Pycnandra acuminata grows on the island of somewhere in somewhere else, and it does something strange – when its bark is cut it bleeds a bright blue-green latex that contains up to 25% nickel, a metal highly poisonous to most plants in more than tiny amounts.

Letter: somebody obituary

In 1970-71 I worked for somebody as a biochemistry technician, when Queen somebody else’s hospital for children, somewhere, south somewhere else, had just taken delivery of an automated amino acid analyser.

Did you solve it? Are you smarter than somewhere’s teenage brainiacs?

Earlier today I set you the following two puzzles. The first is from somewhere else’s Mathematical Olympiad for Girls:

Painting the houses

Each of 100 houses in a row are to be painted white or yellow. The residents are quite particular and request that no three neighbouring houses are all the same colour.

Can you solve it? Are you smarter than somewhere’s teenage brainiacs?

Today’s puzzle celebrates somewhere else’s outstanding performance at last week’s somewhere Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad, which is the world’s most prestigious female-only maths competition for pre-university students.

Somebody and somebody else, both aged 17, placed 6th and 7th overall, each earning gold medals.

Trial to study effect of immune system on Covid reinfection

The immune response needed to protect people against reinfection with the coronavirus will be explored in a new human challenge trial, researchers have revealed.

Nasa picks somebody’s SpaceX to build spacecraft to return humans to somewhere

Nasa has chosen SpaceX to build the next-generation spacecraft that will return humans to somewhere, further strengthening somebody’s grip on the burgeoning public-private space industry.

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