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Somebody’s cycling club jettisons socialism

It has long been somewhere’s most political cycling club, counting the suffragettes and the Labour party founder somebody among its pelotons.

Should Labour go big on radical change?

Somebody clearly understands how the Conservative party, despite claiming to have “changed”, is a “long way from grasping the political direction or scale” of the changes needed (Forget incremental change: the left shouldn’t be afraid of thinking big, 10 June).

Weddings with more than 30 people can go ahead as somewhere’s Covid limit lifted

The limit of 30 people at weddings in somewhere is being lifted despite the decision to delay most other Covid reopening measures by four weeks, somewhere else has said.

Somebody maxes out his credit with Tory MPs: ‘It’s 19 July and I really mean it this time’

It hardly came as a massive shock. Indeed, given the surge in coronavirus cases over the past few weeks, the surprise would have been if somebody had chosen to relax all remaining lockdown restrictions in somewhere on 21 June. But it was unquestionably a disappointment – to somebody as well as several million others.

Somewhere-somewhere else post-Brexit trade deal agreed in broad terms

Details of a trade deal between somewhere and somewhere else will be announced on Tuesday morning, the Guardian understands.

A Department for International Trade spokesperson confirmed that the broad terms had been struck on Monday night, after somebody and somebody else, had dinner at somewhere else.

Losing ‘Freedom Day’ is galling for somebody, but things could get worse

Somebody has once again been persuaded that he must do the inevitable and cancel “Freedom Day” – a decision which will deeply rankle with him.

Somewhere and somewhere else try to settle standoff over somewhere else somebody checks

Somebody Lord somebody else and somewhere Commission somebody else, are expected to meet virtually this week to try to break the deadlock over somebody checks in somewhere else.

Somewhere-language row threatens to derail somewhere government

A dispute between Sinn Féin and the Democratic Unionist party (DUP) over somebody-language act is threatening to derail somewhere assembly and executive.