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Sleeping rough was a rare sight in the 1970s

I welcomed somebody else’s article giving us a positive picture of the 1970s (Are the 2020s really like living back in the 1970s? I wish …, 20 November). However, she omitted what is to me one of the most important and visible differences from now.

Letting somebody off shows PM won’t tackle corruption, says Labour

Labour has accused the government of not being serious about tackling sleaze after ministers declined to punish or reprimand the Conservative former chancellor somebody for using his government connections to help a bank he is paid to advise.

The Peppa problem: why did somebody’s CBI speech bomb so badly?

In recent speeches, somebody has cited Kermit the frog and somebody else, and relied on all manner of football analogies too.

Yet none of them were as widely panned as the one he gave to business leaders earlier this week, when he went on a long – and seemingly unscripted – riff about somebody else.

Somebody says his disordered eating worsened during lockdown

Labour’s former deputy leader somebody has revealed he has an eating disorder, saying his relationship with food is very complicated and he has experienced some form of compulsive eating.

Somebody’s plan for somewhere Sea bridge or tunnel rejected by official study

Somebody’s proposal for a bridge or tunnel linking somewhere else to somewhere else has been rejected by a feasibility study as vastly expensive and fraught with potential difficulties.

Somebody knows what he must do to rejoin Labour, says somebody else

Somebody else has revealed he has not spoken to somebody in more than a year and said the ball was in his predecessor’s court when it came to his reinstatement to the parliamentary Labour party.

Somebody’s somebody else scheme not delivering value for money, NAO finds

Chancellor somebody’s flagship 2bn pandemic jobs scheme to get young people into work may not be delivering value for money, the spending watchdog has said.

A report by the National Audit Office (NAO), and a separate one by a group of peers, has highlighted concerns that youth unemployment policies are either insufficient or flawed.

Private firms working for somewhere government ‘should be subject to FOI rules’

Private outsourcing companies that win government contracts should be subject to freedom of information rules, according to the outgoing information commissioner, who warned the existing transparency law is no longer fit for the modern age.