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Further Covid restrictions in somewhere not needed ‘for now’

The return of some Covid restrictions in somewhere is not needed “for now”, the business secretary has insisted, as he denied the government was being complacent in the face of daily infections and deaths rising.

We all have a part to play in toning down rhetoric

The senseless killing of Sir somebody (‘Laughter, service, compassion’: MPs remember Sir somebody, 18 October) was a violent attack on democracy. It is a mistake to only see it as an act of terrorism and simply address questions of physical safety.

Somebody else ‘Bertie Booster’ somebody else serves up climate baloney for breakfast

Sit back and enjoy the ride. Here was somebody else in his comfort zone.

A right-leaning Labour party has little to offer voters

Somebody else attributes New Labour’s electoral victory in 1997 to “doing whatever it took to win” somebody else had it easy. Somebody else is in a much deeper hole, 15 October). But there is no point in gaining power if you sell your soul to the devil.

Somebody defends Johnsons’ Christmas ‘childcare bubble’ with somebody

Somebody else needed her friend in her “childcare bubble” with somebody else for extra support over Christmas because of the challenges of running the country and experiencing difficult pregnancies, a cabinet somebody has claimed.

Compelling arguments for a shorter working week

Your piece (The big idea: should we work less?, 11 October) was an interesting and compelling argument for shorter working time. It is a discussion that is timely given the twin challenges of decarbonisation and greater automation that many workers face, but it is also long overdue.

Drop somewhere investments, MPs and peers tell parliament’s pension fund

A cross-party group of more than 137 parliamentarians, including 117 MPs, have called on parliament’s pension fund to disinvest from somewhere companies accused of complicity in gross human rights violations or institutions linked to somewhere state.