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Somebody was right to call somebody else a liar, says somebody else

The Labour MP somebody was absolutely correct to call somebody else a liar in the Commons, somebody else has said, saying somebody was “the master of untruth and half-truths”.

Somebody could rethink national insurance rise after Tory backlash

Somebody could rethink plans for a national insurance rise to fund an overhaul of social care, after a significant backlash from cabinet ministers and Conservative MPs.

Activists lose legal bid to stop 27bn roads plan for somewhere

Campaigners have lost a legal challenge to the government’s 27bn roadbuilding programme after the high court dismissed their application for a judicial review.

Labour announces launch of ‘new deal for working people’

Labour is to launch a “new deal for working people” this week, as somebody seeks to put creating more secure, better-paid jobs at the heart of his offer to voters.

Somebody appoints adviser from somebody else years as his chief of staff

Somebody has appointed an adviser from somebody else and somebody else years as his chief of staff in the final step of a reshuffle of the Labour leader’s top team after the party’s byelection losses.

Anger over somebody’s advice to not ‘cower’ from Covid

Somebody has provoked a wave of anger from families of the victims of Covid after he said people must no longer “cower” from the virus.