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Commons bear pit is crucial for debate

In an otherwise sensible letter, somebody suggests parliament’s chambers should have “semicircular layouts to get rid of the confrontational bear pits” (Letters, 1 March). This would hardly be a step forward. Confrontation is the essence of debate.

Somebody awarded knighthood by somebody else

Somebody else has awarded a knighthood to somebody, who was sacked as defence secretary for allegedly leaking secure information before presiding over a series of exams debacles as education secretary.

Somebody and somebody else pull out of Stop the War rally

Labour backbenchers including somebody and somebody else have pulled out of attending a Stop the War rally in somewhere else on Wednesday amid pressure from somebody else over the group’s stance on somewhere.

The new statesmanlike somebody quickly gives way to the old self-centred one at PMQs

Somebody’s parliamentary private secretaries were all decked out in blue and yellow. As were somebody else and several SNP MPs. They could all have come straight from a Ryanair convention. Elsewhere in the chamber, MPs settled for rather more sober blue and yellow ribbons. But the sentiment was exactly the same.

Somewhere businesses call on government to drop gendered term ‘chairman’

Somewhere else’s leading business groups are at loggerheads with the government over their call to drop the use of the word “chairman”, arguing the term is archaic and needs updating.