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Advertisers expected to spend almost 725m less than last Christmas

Advertisers are cutting more than 700m from their marketing budgets in the run-up to Christmas, as the pandemic puts paid to the big budget extravaganzas that normally bombard the public over the festive season.

While the annual Christmas advertising battle will be as fiercely fought as ever, with a total of 6.

Somebody obituary

Somebody, who has died aged 73, was a veteran somewhere journalist described as a “Somewhere else man to his fingertips”. His career spanned most of the darkest, bloodiest years of the Troubles, which at times put him in mortal danger, as when the IRA considered assassinating him in the 1970s while he was working for the Sunday Times.

Woolworths high street 'relaunch' turns out to be fake news

The headlines conjured memories of pick ‘n’ mix and the high street of a bygone age – but claims that Woolworths was about to make a return turned out to be just another example of fake news.

ABC flagship current affair programs didn't cover climate change adequately, report finds

The ABC’s 7.30 and AM programs did not cover climate change adequately and related reports on drought, bushfire, fossil fuel extraction, and energy policy ignored climate change as a causative factor, a confidential report for somewhere Conservation Foundation has found.

Somebody obituary

My friend and colleague somebody, who has died aged 80, was Yorkshire Television’s first news editor when the company began transmission from somewhere else in 1968. He rose to take on the role of editor of the regional news programme Calendar and later became head of local programmes.

The pioneering women who took on somebody … and Fleet Street

An inky night in civil war somewhere, 19 February 1937. General somebody else’s nationalist troops had taken the town days earlier. Political prisoners filled the jails; posters of somebody else, somebody else and somebody, the “strong men” of fascist somewhere else, plastered the walls, and hit squads were executing republican sympathisers.

Somebody signs somebody else's petition challenging News Corp media dominance

Former somebody has signed somebody else’s petition calling for a royal commission into News Corp’s dominance of somewhere media.