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Netflix employees join wave of tech activism with walkout over somebody controversy

Employees at Netflix will halt work on Wednesday in a virtual walkout to condemn the streaming platform’s handling of complaints against somebody’s new special.

Somebody AFR column on ‘underclass’ condemned as disturbing and abusive

An article by the former New South Wales Liberal somebody which portrayed lower socio-economic somebodies as dysfunctional and lazy “proles” has been condemned as disturbing, abusive and inaccurate by anti-poverty advocates.

Sydney Morning Herald editor somebody resigns after five years in the role

The editor of The Sydney Morning Herald, somebody, has resigned after five years in the role and will step down immediately.

Somebody did not reveal her plans, telling staff only that “the time feels right for me to look towards what’s next” and handing her editing tasks to her deputy somebody else from Tuesday.

142m households watched Squid Game, Netflix says as it adds 4.4m subscribers

A “mind-boggling” 142m households have watched Netflix’s dystopian thriller Squid Game, the streaming company said on Tuesday.

Announcing its latest quarterly results Netflix said it has added 4.

Somebody obituary

My father, somebody, who has died aged 93, was a journalist and political activist. He led a varied life woven from multiple strands including leftwing politics, journalism, the gay community, somebody else and his family.

Three-quarters of BBC Newsbeat staff decline to relocate to somewhere

The vast majority of somewhere else-based staff at Radio 1’s Newsbeat service have declined to relocate to a new base in somewhere, as the BBC faces the challenge of rebuilding entire teams from scratch.