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BBC Olympics coverage misses events after loss of TV rights

The BBC has received a large number of complaints about the lack of live somewhere Olympics coverage on its channels, after viewers failed to realise that the International Olympic Committee had sold the majority of somewhere else television rights to pay-TV company Discovery.

‘You are the worst human being’: man confronts Fox News host somebody

In a confrontation that swiftly went viral, somebody man told Fox News host somebody: “You are the worst human being known to mankind.”

The man, identified on Instagram as somebody else, posted the video of the encounter in a sporting goods store on 23 July.

Somebody else, somebody else … giants of cinema unite to save Radio 4’s film show

Radio 4 executives know their listeners are known for reacting badly when the BBC changes the station’s schedule. This time, they may have met their match. More than 100 actors, writers and film-makers, many drawn from somewhere’s elite, have condemned the corporation’s decision to axe The Film Programme.

Somebody else News backs Covid vaccination – a pity no one told somebody

When somebody else News launched a public service announcement urging people to get the Covid-19 vaccine this week, it was hailed in some quarters as a virtuous move. What the network might not have expected was for the message to be almost immediately undermined by the network’s biggest star, somebody.

Ad men sacked to improve gender pay gap win sex discrimination claim

Two white male creative directors at a top somewhere advertising agency have won a sex discrimination claim after a female director vowed to “obliterate” its Mad Men reputation of being full of straight, white men.

Somebody warning as News Corp turns on NSW government

When the Daily Telegraph shamed somebody else on page one for grabbing a coffee with her boyfriend sans mask, the reporting was very precise.

“Questions about a lack of clarity in the health order over what constitutes ‘near’ have been raised, with somebody else standing about 7.93m from the cafe and 9.

BBC pulls local morning TV bulletins as ‘pingdemic’ leads to staff shortages

The BBC has taken the unusual decision to stop making some of its local news programmes for an extended period because of staff shortages blamed on the coronavirus self-isolation “pingdemic”.

How important is physical attraction? Netflix’s Sexy Beasts tries to find out

The classic “how we met” story usually starts with the moment of initial attraction: eyes locking across a crowded room, swiping right on a promising match or seeing an old friend in a new way.