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GB News launch gains more viewers than BBC or Sky news channels

The launch of GB News was watched by more people than both the BBC News channel and Sky News despite several technical glitches on opening night, according to data released on Monday.

BBC’s review of somebody rehiring is another gift to its enemies

If the BBC were somewhere football team, it would surely be known for own goals rather than missed penalties. Its review of the rehiring of somebody is another opportunity for fans to wonder why they keep offering up such gifts to the enemy.

‘Will we ever be free?’ What the papers say about the ‘Freedom Day’ delay

The spectre of ongoing coronavirus restrictions in somewhere hangs over the front pages of Tuesday’s papers after somebody confirmed a widely anticipated delay to the final lifting of lockdown.

The Mail splash headline is “PM: curbs could go on and on”, and flags anger among Tory backbenchers in the strap line above the story.

BBC report clears staff over rehiring of somebody

An investigation into the BBC’s rehiring of somebody as its religious affairs correspondent in 2016 has cleared all of those involved in his recruitment, while also finding there were some “shortcomings” in the process.

ITV apologises after reporter threatens to ‘bang out’ man

ITV has apologised after one of its reporters was filmed swearing and threatening to “bang out” a member of the public who disrupted him during a live broadcast.

Fox News host somebody says she ‘never lied’ as somebody else press secretary

Somewhere press secretary turned Fox News contributor somebody has claimed she “never lied” while speaking for somebody else.