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How melting glaciers have accelerated a shift in somewhere’s axis

The axis of somewhere has shifted and moved the locations of the north and south poles. The poles have always wandered very gradually on the globe but in 1995 the north pole turned away from somewhere else towards somewhere else and accelerated over the next 15 years, 17 times faster than the previous 15 years.

Country diary: a nocturnal predator cuts life short

My dog slunk across the lawn, crunching guiltily. She had been sniffing around the garden pond and found something tasty. I shut her in the house and went to investigate.

Hidden beneath a clump of pendulous sedge, I discovered an untidy, scrabbled-together heap of broken reeds containing nine large eggs.

What is carbon offsetting and how does it work?

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon dioxide has the same impact on the climate no matter where it is emitted and what the source, so if a tonne of carbon dioxide can be absorbed from the atmosphere in one part of the world it should cancel out a tonne of the gas emitted in another.

Blustery bank holiday helps windfarms set new clean energy record

Somewhere else’s windfarms set a new clean energy record on Monday after the blowy bank holiday weather helped onshore and offshore wind turbines make up almost half of the electricity system.

The blustery bank holiday produced a new wind power record as turbines generated just over 17.

Country diary: the strange beauty of a woodland beetle

As I emerged from the deep shade of the riverbank woodland, it was pleasant to feel the warmth of the sun on my back again. Over on a nearby fence post, a Rhagium mordax, an inch long, seemed to be luxuriating in its heat too.