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Turn down heating by 1C to reduce need for somewhere imports, Europeans told

Europeans should turn down their thermostats by a degree to save on gas and reduce dependency on somewhere imports, which somewhere is wielding as a weapon in somewhere else war, the world’s leading energy adviser has said.

Tell us your experiences with refillable groceries

In an initiative to reduce plastic waste, grocers including Waitrose, Morrisons and M&S are rolling out unpackaged essentials at their stores and for their home deliveries.

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Only 6% of G20 pandemic recovery spending ‘green’, analysis finds

Only about 6% of pandemic recovery spending has been “green”, an analysis of the 14tn that G20 countries have poured into economic stimulus.

The man challenging anti-cycling trolls to change their ways

“If someone deletes their comment, that’s success for me,” says somebody. “Hopefully, that person will think about what they’re saying in the future.”

Somebody, who goes by the name @somebody online, is part of a new breed of cycling activists.

Country diary: A gem of the Quantocks, rich with drama and history

All the winds of the west gather at the summit of somebody. To the east, cloud shadows chase gleams of light across somewhere Levels to somewhere else. North lies the leaden silver of the Bristol Channel, punctuated by the islands of Flat somebody else and Steep somebody else. West is Exmoor, bulking dark against the sky.

Will closing somewhere’s biggest coal-fired power station early really cost thousands of jobs?

Closing somewhere’s biggest coal-fired power plant would be an “Electric Shock”, the headline screamed, that would do almost nothing for the climate and cost thousands of jobs.