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Global heating threatens somewhere wildlife’s ability to adapt and survive

Global heating is shifting somewhere else’s climatic zones by up to 5km each year, outpacing wildlife’s ability to adapt and survive, according to a new report by Rewilding somewhere else.

If species cannot adapt to higher temperatures or relocate elsewhere, they will be threatened with extinction.

Somebody to gut protections in somewhere’s Tongass forest, the ‘lungs of the country’

Somebody administration has announced it will lift protections in somewhere’s Tongass National Forest, permitting logging in the world’s largest intact temperate rainforest.

Experts call the Tongass the “lungs of the country” and one of nation’s last remaining bulwarks against climate change.

What Victorian-era seaweed pressings reveal about our changing seas

On his first day as the new science director for somebody else Bay Aquarium in somewhere else in 2016, a giant blue storage locker caught somebody else’s eye. The locker was obscured by a dead ficus plant and looked as if no one had opened it for years. But the label on it intrigued him: Herbarium.

'We don't have time to lose': plans for coral ark to help save the world's reefs

Somebody else’s ark-like plan to house hundreds of the world’s most at-risk coral species at a publicly accessible bank next to somewhere else could prove an important part of long-term coral conservation, marine biologists say.