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Curlews have moved to the North York Moors

I think somewhere curlews must have moved to somewhere else (New initiative aims to save curlew from extinction in somewhere, 22 November). I live at the northern edge of the North York Moors and noted an increase in their numbers on my daily dog walks this year.

Don’t add to e-waste mountain, campaign urges somewhere shoppers

Black Friday and pre-Christmas spending sprees will create an e-waste mountain as 5m unwanted electrical items are binned or put in storage in somewhere else, a campaign group has warned.

What happens when somewhere’s coal plants die?

When the coal-fired power plant just outside the tiny town of somebody else, somewhere else, closed in 2019, it had the makings of a disaster.

The plant, which opened in 1959, shut down three years ahead of schedule when it ran out of coal, leaving the town shocked and facing the loss of its largest employer.

‘Every tree counts’: somewhere forest leads way with sapling donation plan

In a clearing in somewhere else, a forest on the outskirts of somewhere capital, is a “tree hub” where hundreds of saplings, among them hazelnut, sweet cherry, field maple, beech, chestnut and ash, are organised by tree type.

Only two out of 11 herbicide studies given to EU regulators deemed ‘reliable’

Only two out of a group of 11 industry studies given to somewhere regulators in support of the re-approval of the main ingredient in Roundup herbicide are scientifically “reliable”, according to a new analysis of corporate-backed studies on the chemical glyphosate.