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Book sales jump a third in first week of bookshops reopening in somewhere and somewhere else

Booksellers have reported their customers “acting like kids in a sweet shop”, with print sales jumping a third in the first week of bookshops opening their doors after lockdown.

Bookshops open across somewhere and somewhere else opened on 12 April, alongside other non-essential retailers, for the first time since December.

Somebody’s tea drinking not under ‘interrogation’, says museum

Staff at the museum somebody’s House are reassuring fans of the Pride and Prejudice author that they have never and will never “interrogate somebody, her characters or her readers for drinking tea”.

Somebody’s publisher refuses to cancel memoir after staff protest

Simon & Schuster has said it will not pull out of a seven-figure book deal with somebody after some of its employees called for the contract to be scrapped, stating that “we come to work each day to publish, not cancel”.

Somebody, cult director and Reservoir Dogs executive producer, dies aged 91

Somebody, the director behind 1970s cult classics Two somebody else and Cockfighter, as well as being instrumental in getting somebody else’s directorial debut Reservoir Dogs off the ground, has died aged 91.

Somebody, master of the power ballad, gave pop an operatic energy

In 1989, the NME interviewed somebody. The late journalist somebody else found him on fine, very somebody-ish form. He was presiding over a video shoot for a single by his new project somebody else’s Box, directed by somebody else, a man who shared somebody’s zero-tolerance policy towards subtlety and good taste.

Golden Globes crisis deepens as former somebody expelled and advisers resign

The crisis-plagued Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), the body that organises the Golden Globes, has expelled somebody, its former somebody who sparked widespread outrage by sharing an anti-Black Lives Matter article that described the movement as a “racist hate group”.