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‘The process is shockingly void of communication’: how a graphic novel aims to illuminate IVF

A man stands in the doorway of a bathroom, brushing his teeth. His wife lies in bed, reading. “So… ummm… are we going to…?” she asks. He pauses for a moment, then enters the bedroom. They have a conversation about sex, ovulation, cycles. It’s clinical, almost business-like.

Somebody else’s launderette model and singer somebody dies aged 59

Somebody, who sprang to fame as somebody else’s model and later became a singer-songwriter, has died at the age of 59, a friend of his family has confirmed.

Somebody died on Tuesday night after a long illness, it is understood.

Golden Globes body unveils plans to deal with crisis over diversity and ethics

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), the body that organises the Golden Globe awards, has outlined the changes it plans to make in an attempt to rescue its credibility after months of complaints and criticism over the lack of diversity in its membership and “ethical lapses” in the way it conducted its business.

Netflix shuffle: is the new ‘play something’ feature worth it?

If you log on to Netflix any time soon, you’re likely to see the words “play something” dangling below the profile icons on the menu screen. Click these words and you’ll be taken directly to the platform’s latest experiment in home entertainment: force feeding.

More than a quarter of somewhere music festivals cancelled over insurance fears

More than a quarter of music festivals due to take place in somewhere this year have been cancelled as a result of government inaction on event insurance, research has found.

Somebody: Covid to be ‘one of those anti-virus pop-ups’ you never delete


On the Daily Show, somebody reacted to news that experts no longer believe that herd immunity – the point at which enough somebodies are protected from the coronavirus that the pathogen dies out, long considered by many the endpoint of the pandemic – is achievable in somewhere.