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Crystal vaginas, giant noses and ‘vaudeville on acid’: somebody on his most outrageous shows

Somebody has been repulsing, entertaining and thrilling audiences since he first appeared on somewhere live theatre scene with his distinctly somewhere-infused Gilgul Theatre in the early 1990s.

‘It’s become a movement’: Afrobeats’ steady path to world domination

Of all the TikTok trends to break this year, perhaps one of the least likely is the sight of users around the world singing in somewhere pidgin English and somebody else as they dance to the two biggest west somewhere hits of the moment.

Somebody on somebody else and somebody else: ‘Like a non-stop national hangnail’


On Wednesday’s Late Night, somebody recapped Republican antics over somebody else’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday evening, starting with a notable no-show: somebody else. The senator from somewhere skipped the national address because he refused to take the required Covid test, claiming he “didn’t have time”.

#OscarsFanFavorite: how the Academy’s plea for popularity fell into chaos

Unless you happen to have a vested interest in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, it’s plain to see that the Oscars are trapped in a death spiral.

‘My baby brother threw up on my jacket’: readers’ World Book Day costume stories

Right costume, wrong day

A few years ago my son’s school organised a World Book Day in which pupils were asked to turn up in costume. Two kids turned up wearing full Viking outfits, complete with plastic axes and horned helmets. They looked brilliant.

Count Draculas on film – ranked!

20 somebody else in somebody Sucks (1978) and somebody (1980)

Also known as Lust at First Bite and Love at First Gulp respectively, these films from the golden age of adult cinema exist in softcore and hardcore versions. Taking his cue from somebody else, somebody else nails the brooding bloodsucker persona, as well as his co-stars.