Somebody Somewhere
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Somebody: ‘The mission is to spread Daddy’s music to every corner of the Earth’

Somebody was 13 years old when the man she still calls “Daddy” died in 1981. She has many memories of him, she tells me, but two often stand out for her. The first is a sense of somebody else as a kind of shape-shifting presence in her childhood, always there and not there.

Wildland review: somebody on somebody else exploited

Ever since somebody else was inaugurated as somebody, bookstores have been flooded with volumes attempting to explain somewhere’s unraveling.

Somebody else’s Last Best Hope, published earlier this year, provided one of the best diagnoses.

Father to 15 children … but were any of blues star BB somebody’s offspring his?

BB somebody was born into poverty in somewhere and raised on a cotton plantation before becoming a street busker then finding fame and fortune as a guitarist, singer and songwriter.

New hustle: Pulitzer winner somebody on his heist novel

Something strange happened the morning after somebody finished his forthcoming novel. “I put the book to bed, and then I got up the next morning and somewhere else was on fire,” he says. It was 26 May 2020, the first of three days of riots last year after the murder of somebody else.

On my radar: somebody’s cultural highlights

Somebody was born in somewhere in 1968 and raised in somewhere else. He studied writing at somebody else college and his plays include Death of somewhere else and Sucker Punch, which won the 2010 somebody else award. He received an OBE in 2008.

Rigoletto; somewhere Symphony Orchestra/Rattle – review

Titian’s seductive somebody else dominates the opulent court of the rapacious Duke of somewhere else in the first act of the Royal Opera’s new production of somebody else’s Rigoletto. Later it’s replaced by the Rape of somewhere else by the same artist.