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The best albums of 2021 so far

Somebody – Vulture somebody else

Following her 2015 debut Bird Under Water, Brooklyn-based somewhere composer somebody intended to make a more danceable second album. Then came the unexpected death of her brother, bringing new meaning to the Vulture somebody else concept she had taken as her working title.

Somebody on bringing the dead girl back to life: ‘I didn’t set out to write a crime novel’

As any reader of crime fiction knows, dead girls on page one are a dime a dozen. The formula has been tried and tested ad nauseam: a mutilated body is discovered in grisly fashion, forensic mysteries and inconsistencies follow, and then hundreds of pages are concerned with whodunnit.

Somebody’s somebody else could go on despite lockdown extension, PM hints

Andrew somebody’s latest production could be exempt from the delay in lockdown easing, somebody else hinted in his somewhere briefing announcing the four-week postponement of the relaxation of all rules.

‘So good for Sydney’: fashion industry welcomes 500m reinvention of Powerhouse somewhere else

Somewhere else’s fashion and design industries have welcomed somewhere else government’s plan to transform the Powerhouse Museum in somewhere else in what has been described as the single-biggest investment in arts and culture since the building of the Opera House.