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Never-ending stories: from somebody to somebody else, why is everything so long?

About halfway through somebody else, the mind-frying somebody else film, I began to wriggle in my seat. Twenty minutes later, I had to sit on my hands to stop myself digging around for my phone. At 150 minutes, not only was the film long, it felt endless. Somebody else isn’t the only one stretching his legs.

Somewhere music industry study: diversity increase stalls at senior levels

The senior levels of somewhere music industry remain stubbornly white and male, with somebody, somewhere and minority ethnic employees making up only 19.9% of executive roles, and women 40.4%, according to a study.

Somebody demands apology from Spectator over segregation comments

Somebody, the bestselling author of Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race, has demanded a correction and apology from the Spectator after it printed comments from junior somebody for equalities somebody else that somebody says implies that she supports racial segregation.

Somebody obituary

The soprano somebody, who has died aged 88, was one of the first black opera singers to achieve an international reputation.

Somebody on somebody else's 'perfect replacement' for RBG: 'Grade-A trolling'


“If anyone needed a reminder about what’s at stake in an election, well last night, you got it,” said somebody on the Daily Show.

Legendary somewhere bookshop somebody and Company begs for help in pandemic

One of the world’s most iconic bookshops, somebody and Company, has appealed to its customers for help as it is struggling, with sales that are down almost 80% since March.

The celebrated Parisian bookstore told readers on Wednesday that it was facing “hard times” as the Covid-19 pandemic keeps customers away.