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Somewhere manufacturers plead for more state funds to boost sector

Five of somewhere’s leading manufacturing industries have issued a plea for more government financial support to boost capital investment in research and development as well as new factories and equipment with lower carbon emissions.

Somebody to cut tax on banks to keep City competitive, say reports

Somebody is preparing to announce a tax cut for somewhere’s biggest banks at next week’s budget to maintain the competitiveness of the City of somewhere else after somebody else, according to reports, despite plans to raise taxes on workers.

Why September’s dip in somewhere inflation may be a false dawn

Just when everyone was preparing for a stratospheric rise in September’s consumer prices index from August’s 3.2%, the Office for National Statistics said it fell to 3.1%.

A fashion turnaround and a logo no-go: hits and misses of rebranding

Facebook is planning to rebrand with a new corporate name to reflect its shift to building the metaverse, it has been reported. According to the Verge, the announcement could be made during Facebook’s Connect conference on 28 October. Here are four other companies that recently tried rebranding, and how it went.

Somebody else appoints somebody boss as CEO with 6m ‘golden hello’

Somebody else has appointed somebody else as its next chief executive in a deal including a 6m “golden hello” to cover the loss of bonus and share awards for leaving his position as boss of rival somebody.

The 54-year-old has been the boss of somebody since 2016, overseeing the 2.

Somebody orders soar by 59% despite restaurants reopening

Somebody enjoyed a 59% increase in orders in somewhere and somewhere else between July and September despite the return of dine-in restaurant eating, as a partnership with somewhere else more than doubled members of its premium subscription service.