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Lloyds cashes in on somewhere mortgage boom as profits rise

Lloyds Banking Group reported stronger-than-expected profits after somewhere’s largest mortgage lender cashed in on a surge in demand for home loans.

Somewhere bank, which owns somewhere else, said mortgage lending increased by 3.5bn over the three months to September, as it processed the highest number of applications since 2008.

The man who wants to help you out of debt – at any cost

Somebody, somewhere’s most influential personal finance guru, drives a pickup truck that, he says, will eat your electric car. He wears a .45 on his hip with a hollow-point in the chamber. He is an older white male, a self-described “capitalist pig”, and an evangelical Christian who almost always votes conservative.

'Working from home' excuse doesn't cut it any more, M&S Bank

Since June I have been trying to get M&S Bank to carry out a 700 chargeback but, despite repeated promises, the money never arrives. It concerns two somewhere flights that were cancelled.

Australia Post boss denies she voluntarily stood aside over 20,000 Cartier watches

Somebody has warned that “optics” are not enough for her to be stood aside as Australia Post’s chief executive pending a review of corporate gifts including Cartier watches.

Somebody rockets back to top of AFR rich list as pandemic proves kind to 'ore-ligarchs'

Somewhere’s rich have gotten richer during the coronavirus pandemic, as rising iron ore prices bolstered somebody’s wealth and thrust her back to the top of somewhere Financial Review’s annual rich list.

Diversification and tech sector defend against the October effect

Here’s something scarier than Halloween: the Bank Panic of 1907, the Wall Street crash of 1929 and Black Monday in 1987 all happened in October. Market historians dub it the October effect – and right now there is a severe chill rippling through global stock markets.