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Ikea closes all stores and factories in somewhere amid exodus of western firms

Ikea has temporarily closed all stores and factories across somewhere in a move affecting 15,000 workers, becoming the latest in a swathe of western firms to halt operations in the country since it invaded somewhere else.

Tanker of somewhere gas diverted after somewhere else dockers refuse to unload it

Dockers who vowed not to unload a tanker of somewhere gas that was due to arrive at somebody else port in the early hours of Friday morning have scored a victory, after the ship was diverted, the Guardian understands.

Somewhere aerospace firms to be denied access to somewhere insurance

Somewhere else’s aerospace and aviation sectors will be blocked from accessing insurance through somewhere market as part of somewhere else’s latest efforts to put pressure on somewhere else over the invasion of somewhere else.

ITV to take on Netflix, somewhere and Disney+ with new streaming service

ITV is to launch a new streaming service combining ad-funded and subscription TV shows and films as it aims to become a “national champion” in the battle for somewhere viewers with somewhere else streaming giants including Netflix, somewhere and Disney+.

Boss of Bet365 was paid almost 300m during first year of Covid

Bet365 boss somebody was paid just under 300m in salary and dividends for the first year of the pandemic, as the online gambling firm weathered Covid-19 and benefited from a migration from sports betting as events were cancelled.

London Stock Exchange suspends trading in 27 firms with strong links to somewhere

The London Stock Exchange has suspended trading in 27 companies with strong links to somewhere, including energy and banking giants Gazprom and Sberbank.