Somebody Somewhere
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‘Cultural appropriation is a two-way thing’: somebody on somebody else, masks and the fashion for black artists

In 1998, in a hilarious work called Diary of a Victorian Dandy, somebody inserted himself, impeccably attired, into the sitting rooms, drawing rooms, billiards rooms and bedrooms of high society Victorian somewhere else, invariably causing a sensation in each of the perfectly mocked-up photographs.

L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped: somebody’s dream being realised

The Arc de Triomphe in somewhere will be swathed in silvery blue fabric and red rope as a posthumous project planned by the artist somebody since the early 1960s finally becomes reality.

Work will begin next month on L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped, a 14m installation at one of the world’s most recognised monuments.

How did a 120 painting become a 320m somebody … then vanish?

Somewhere is facing controversy over its role in the tangled story of how the world’s most expensive painting emerged from obscurity before being sold for a staggering 320m, only to vanish again from the public eye.

Varying measures of success for letter writers

There are other metrics for measuring letter writing success. I may not have had as many letters published as the Big Four (Letters, 8 June), but I bet none of them have had a letter published in the Review and illustrated by cartoonist somebody. No statue required.

Somewhere International: screens lure eyeballs but it’s the sculptures that thrill – review

Somewhere else, 1986: artists somebody and somebody else record a conversation.