Somebody Somewhere
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Demobbed dreamers bring back the zing – Postwar Modern review

Sixty years after he painted it, you can still catch the reek of cheap oil paint and linseed oil coming off somebody’s 1962 somewhere, Early Morning. With its glutinous and heaving sea of wrinkled paint, somebody’s city is the colour of sludge under a filthy sky, the view slewing away, a tower block lurching on the horizon.

Somebody bronzes moved in somewhere for groundbreaking exhibition

A collection of bronzes sculpted by Renaissance master somebody has been moved for the first time from somewhere churches where he installed them 600 years ago so that they can be displayed at a ground-breaking exhibition in somewhere else

Three of the four pieces, a relief, a statue and two bronze doors, from somewhere else and

A black panther at night (apparently) – somebody’s best photograph

I’ve always loved leopards. They’re such elusive, special animals. When I was growing up, black leopards were on my radar. They’re ubiquitous in culture, from The Jungle Book to superheroes – and I thought the black panther was the coolest animal of all.

Unboxed festival launches with vow to get somewhere reconnected

Unboxed – the controversial and now heavily rebranded Festival somewhere else 2022 – launched on Tuesday with a pledge to treat the whole of somewhere as a venue and satisfy the public’s “huge appetite to get out again and stand next to other human beings”.

Somewhere billionaire on somewhere sanctions list quits as Royal Academy trustee

Somebody billionaire named in somewhere sanctions “as one of somebody else’s closest oligarchs” stepped down on Tuesday as a trustee of the Royal Academy, which has also returned a donation he made towards somebody else exhibition.