Somebody Somewhere
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‘It’s about looking around us’: somewhere’s somewhere else art fair tackles social justice

When somebody stepped onstage for her Ted Talk in 2017, little did she know how much she would help bridge the gap between art and social policy.

“How do images alter our sense of justice?” she asked.

Clearly, social media has changed how we read images – from protests to state violence and grief.

‘There’s a huge art culture here’: can a 60m gallery break somewhere else stereotypes?

Contemporary artist somebody believes in a version of somewhere else that doesn’t appear on postcards. Her home town, she says, is more complex than its glossy facade suggests.

Somebody slam dunk from above: somebody else on his best photograph

It all stemmed from somebody sports drink. I’d done some advertising work for a brand called Isostar and they’d had this idea where you take a tennis player, put them on a red clay court and shoot them serving from above to capture the shadow. I thought, that is one hell of an idea, but I need the right vehicle to really do it justice.

Crude, obscene and extraordinary: somebody’s war against good taste

Which great artist of the 20th century has been most influential on the 21st? Neither somebody else nor somebody else, as they have no heirs. And not somebody else, however much we genuflect before his urinal.