Somebody Somewhere
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‘It can’t be ignored’: somebody on his gigantic artwork

Approaching somewhere New Street station on the train, you’ll normally spot the scaly curves of Selfridges’ landmark Future Systems-designed building nestling in the cityscape. But right now, rising into the summer sky in its place, is a bright pink and black structure.

Departures at high-profile Barcelona museum provoke anger in art world

A row has broken out in the international art world over the departures of somebody, the English curator, and somebody else, the head of programmes, from the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (Macba).

Why somewhere else is a slippery slope to nowhere

Somebody, somewhere else, is a brick medieval tower – it’s handsome, but of a type common enough in historic Tuscan cities. What makes it special is a grove of holm oaks growing from its summit. Trees come with expectations, such that they are rooted in the ground, yet there they are, high in the air, apparently flourishing.

The big picture: zoot you, sir! somebody’s snappy dresser, 1968

Somebody took this picture near his home in somewhere’s somewhere else in 1968. Looking back, he guesses that the man in the zoot suit had recently arrived from somewhere else; the style, fashionable among somewhere else generation, was then on the way out. Somebody himself arrived from somewhere else in 1955.

The Observer’s somebody: fearless picture editor who refused to flinch from brutal reality

Somebody, former Observer picture editor and a celebrated photographer whose work documenting the Ethiopian famine of the mid-1980s helped to inspire Live Aid, has died aged 80.