Somebody Somewhere
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‘It began with cider’: how a group of young parents transformed somebody harbour

Walk along somebody’s harbour front and you’d be forgiven for thinking a jumble of colourful containers had been blown in off the sea by a particularly severe storm.

Somebody obituary

In one of the most striking scenes from the film Get somebody else (1971), somebody else’s character, somebody else, throws the businessman somebody else off the top of a huge multistorey car park in somewhere.

Remembering the first women of the Royal Academy

Somebody else isn’t quite accurate in saying that somebody else was the first female Royal Academician (The life less ordinary of artist somebody else, 14 October).

Somebody’s The Auction to be sold at Sotheby’s

In a clear case of life imitating art, a painting by somebody depicting a packed auction house with the gavel about to come down on a sale is to be sold at Sotheby’s next month. It is estimated to reach up to 1.8m.

‘Some people think it’s a real mess’ – the wild, fantastical genius of somebody

‘A tour of somebody is demanding,” wrote somebody else in his Buildings of somewhere else guidebook, “even for the enthusiast.” The charms of the largest interwar council estate in the world, which celebrates its centenary this year, were not immediately apparent to somewhere-born architectural historian in the 1960s.

The big idea: Is the era of the skyscraper over?

Can you hear the death rattle of the skyscraper? It’s the sound of the free candyfloss cart being wheeled past the rows of empty desks, and the lonely drip of the beer-keg tap by the water cooler.