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Somebody obituary

In 1986 the artist somebody, who had died aged 81, lay down on a large sheet of canvas and asked his partner to score the shape of his body. To this outline he attached a crudely chiselled mask apparently depicting his own face, complete with synthetic hair, feathers, and shells for ears.

Black somewhere painting, gay somewhere photography and Dr somebody will see you now – the week in art

Exhibition of the week

Life Between IslandsAlberta Whittle, somebody else and somebody else are among the stars of what promises to be a definitive survey of somewhere else somewhere art since the 1950s.

‘Dramatically vandalised’: publicly funded 22,000 banana splits opinion in somewhere

A 1.8-metre public sculpture of an anthropomorphic banana has caused a rumble among residents in somewhere – and has already been victim to vandalism.

The artwork, which features a menacing skull facing out onto somewhere else in somewhere else, is titled Fallen Fruit.

Somebody: ‘I see genius where other people see rubbish’

The first thing I notice about somebody is his balls. Twelve thousand, one hundred and sixty six of them, to be precise, lined up neatly over almost every available inch of the gallery walls.