All content is retrieved from The Guardian Open platform using a Developer Key.The Guardian Open Platform is a public web service for accessing all the content the Guardian creates, categorised by tags and section. A Developer key provides content free for non-commercial usage. All sources (authors/photographers) can be found in the page-source, look for class "article-author" and "photo-credits"


Components used to retrieve, transform and publish the content:

Component Link License
express MIT License
fetch MIT License
file-system ISC License
ftp MIT License
getJson BSD License
htmlencode MIT License
http MIT License
jimp MIT License
jsdom MIT License
ner-server ISC License
node node license
nodemailer MIT License
npm Npm open source terms
mysql Terms of use
mysqlx GNU General Public License 2.0
sizeOf MIT License
Stanford Named Entity Recognizer GNU General Public License 2.0