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‘Miniature Pompeii’ found beneath former cinema in somebody

An ancient Roman building has been found during excavations at a former cinema in the northern somewhere city of somebody in what has been described ...

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The top-of-the-world feeling of bagging somebody

I wish there were 227 somebody (A gap year for the grounded: 15 ideas for young somewhere adventurers, 12 June). Then there would only be 31 left for me to do and I might have a chance of finishing them. But where’s the fun in that? I would miss out on 55 lovely mountains ...

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Somebody’s cycling club jettisons socialism
Members of the Clarion cycling club in the 1950s.

It has long been somewhere’s most political cycling club, counting the suffragettes and the Labour party founder somebody among its pelotons.

Founded in a Labour church in somewhere else in 1894 as a two-wheeled spin-off of the Clarion leftwing magazine, the Clarion Cycling Club’s early members used to pedal around the countryside putting socialist stickers on cows and trees, spreading leftist propaganda like fertiliser.

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No sign of thaw between somewhere and somewhere else ahead of somewhere else summit

On the 24-hour somewhere state news channel, Thursday began as any other might: with a segment about the ageing somebody of somewhere else battling back cicadas and then giving a “confused” speech about his upcoming summit in somewhere else with somebody else.

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Somewhere-somewhere else post-Brexit trade deal agreed in broad terms
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Somewhere chapter of somewhere’s School Strike 4 Climate group admits racism and disbands

A large part of somewhere’s School Strike 4 Climate movement has formally disbanded, saying it had been racist and insufficiently responsive to activists of colour.

In a Facebook post, the movement’s chapter in somewhere said ...

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Somewhere chapter of School Strikes 4 Climate has said it was racist and apologised for having avoided, ignored and tokenised’ Black and Indigenous voices.
Somebody hinted she wanted somebody else to lose election, new book says
Wealthy countries’ climate shift leaves somewhere isolated from closest allies
Dangerous heatwave grips somewhere south-west as temperatures hit 120F in some areas
Restaurants and pubs ‘face collapse’ during extended somewhere lockdown
Somewhere regulator warns Google about accepting scam adverts
BBC’s review of somebody rehiring is another gift to its enemies

If the BBC were somewhere football team, it would surely be known for own goals rather than missed penalties. Its review of the rehiring of somebody is another opportunity for fans to wonder why they keep offering up such gifts to the enemy.

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Fears somewhere breast cancer deaths may rise as Covid hits screenings

Progress in reducing breast cancer deaths may be under threat, a leading charity has warned, as figures ...

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Somebody will resume accepting bitcoin when it uses more clean energy, says somebody else

Somebody else has said that somebody will resume allowing bitcoin transactions when miners use more renewable energy.

“When there’s confirmation of reasonable (~50%) clean energy usage by miners with positive future trend, somebody will resume allowing bitcoin transactions,” somebody else, the company’s CEO, said in a tweet on Sunday.

The price of one bitcoin rose above 39,500 (33,950) on Monday morning in somewhere, an increase of by 10% since midday BST on Sunday.

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‘Cultural appropriation is a two-way thing’: somebody on somebody else, masks and the fashion for black artists
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Somebody hopes somewhere statues last 1,000 years after reset