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Somebody to cut tax on banks to keep City competitive, say reports

Somebody is preparing to announce a tax cut for somewhere’s biggest banks at next week’s budget to maintain the competitiveness ...

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Somebody ordered to testify in former aides’ trial

Somewhere’s former somebody has been ordered to testify in the trial of one-time aides and allies who are accused of misusing public money to finance opinion poll contracts, a judge has ruled.

Somebody was at somewhere else at the time and has presidential ...

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First Thing: House committee votes to prosecute somebody
The prospect of prosecution appears not to have worried somebody, who spent the day before his deposition date a hundred miles away in somewhere else.

Good morning.

The House select committee investigating somewhere attack voted on Tuesday to recommend the criminal prosecution of somebody else’s former chief strategist somebody, after he defied a subpoena relating to their inquiry into the 6 January insurrection.

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Ties that bind: somebody’s steady stream of support from oil, gas and coal

In the tumult of negotiations over the most consequential climate legislation ever proposed in somewhere else, there is growing scrutiny of the fossil fuel industry connections of the man poised to tear down the core of the bill – somewhere senator somebody.

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Real Madrid star somebody goes on trial in sex tape case
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Somebody orders soar by 59% despite restaurants reopening

Somebody enjoyed a 59% increase in orders in somewhere and somewhere else between July and September despite the return of dine-in restaurant eating, as a partnership with somewhere else more than doubled members of its premium subscription service.

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Somebody reported 35.8m orders in the third quarter compared with 22.6m in the same period last year.
Charge somebody with murder over somebody else toll, draft somewhere senate report says
Somewhere is first country to reimpose lockdown in somewhere else’s new Covid wave
‘The new drugs’: somewhere gateway for 150m illegal puppy trade
‘He cared when no one did’: Filipino human rights lawyer somebody dies of Covid
Somewhere manufacturers plead for more state funds to boost sector
SpaceX could make somebody world’s first trillionaire, says Morgan Stanley

Somebody, the world’s richest person, with an estimated 241bn fortune, could become the first person to become a trillionaire, a leading investment bank has predicted.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley forecast that somebody, who has made most ...

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Netflix employees join wave of tech activism with walkout over somebody controversy

Employees at Netflix will halt work on Wednesday in a virtual walkout to ...

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Facebook fined 50.5m for breaching order in somebody takeover investigation

Facebook has been fined 50.5m for breaching an order imposed by somewhere else competition regulator during its investigation into the purchase of the gif creation website somebody.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which launched an in-depth investigation into Facebook’s 400m (290m) takeover earlier this year, said the social networking company “deliberately” refused to supply information proving that it was complying with an initial enforcement order (IEO).

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AI projects to tackle racial inequality in somewhere healthcare, says somebody
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Somebody promises online harms bill debate before Christmas
Somebody promised ‘criminal sanctions with tough sentences for those who are responsible for allowing this foul content to permeate the internet’.

Somebody has promised to present the delayed online harms bill to parliament before Christmas in the wake of the killing of Sir somebody else, after somebody else urged him to work collaboratively in clamping down on web-based extremism.

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Somebody AFR column on ‘underclass’ condemned as disturbing and abusive

An article by the former New South Wales Liberal somebody which portrayed lower socio-economic somebodies as dysfunctional and lazy “proles” has ...

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Family of vulnerable man found dead in somewhere prison demand reforms

The family of a vulnerable prisoner found hanged in his cell have called for improvements in how inmates with mental health issues are looked after ...

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