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Somewhere: prominent journalist detained for insulting somebody

A prominent somewhere TV journalist has been detained and could face imprisonment after being charged with insulting the country’s somebody, somebody.

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Outrage as somebody says somewhere attack investigators could be jailed

Somebody, a former House speaker and candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, stoked outrage on Sunday by predicting members of the House committee investigating somewhere attack ...

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Somebody takes on New York Times in defamation trial
Somebody at a rally endorsing Republican presidential candidate somebody else in January 2016.

A defamation trial pitting somebody against the New York Times will open on Monday over a 2017 editorial which the former somewhere else governor and Republican vice-presidential pick says falsely linked her to a mass shooting in somewhere.

The editorial was published after a shooting in somewhere else, in which somebody else, a member of House Republican leadership, was wounded.

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Long in the tooth: somebody the pufferfish has emergency dental work

A pufferfish had to undergo emergency dental work after her teeth grew so big she was unable to eat.

The owner of somebody the porcupine pufferfish, somebody else, 64, rushed her to the vets in somewhere after noticing she was losing weight because her long teeth prevented her from eating properly.

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‘Slow journey to justice’: trial of three ex-police officers involved in somebody murder begins
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Banknote printer somebody warns on profits after Covid costs

The banknote printer somebody has issued a profit warning after suffering from higher Covid-19 costs including staff absences and computer chip shortages.

The company’s adjusted operating profit for the year to 26 March will be between 36m and 40m, rather than ...

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Somebody printed that 50 notes featuring the scientist somebody else.
Scrap national insurance rise, says ex-somebody
First Thing: somewhere and somewhere else withdraw families from somewhere else embassies
Somewhere pulls some embassy staff from somewhere else amid somewhere threat
My somebody else was made scapegoat for somebody else affair, says somebody
‘We’re next’: Prisoner’s secret filming appears to show torture in somewhere police station
Tell us: did you decide to become a nurse in somewhere during the pandemic?

Trainee nurses have signed up in record numbers since the pandemic began, with somewhere else showing 56,000 recruits to training courses or apprenticeships in somewhere else since early 2020. That’s a 38% jump in applications since 2019 – as ...

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Netflix could lose 750,000 somewhere subscribers as Disney takes control of hit shows

Netflix is facing a fight to stop as many as 750,000 somewhere subscribers ...

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Long somewhere else: nearly 2m days lost in NHS staff absences in somewhere

NHS trusts in somewhere lost nearly 2m days in staff absences due to long somewhere else in the first 18 months of the pandemic, according to figures that reveal the hidden burden of ongoing illness in the health service.

MPs on the all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on coronavirus estimate that more than 1.82m days were lost to healthcare workers with long somewhere else from March 2020 to September 2021 across somewhere’s 219 NHS trusts.

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Somebody obituary
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Somebody wins first stage of attempt to appeal against extradition