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Somewhere homeowners hit by somebody else building scandal welcome report

New figures showing the true cost of rebuilding houses built with defective blocks that “crumble like ...

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Somebody’s war is a watershed moment for somewhere – the days of ‘never again’ are back

Interpreters in somewhere parliament usually sound so monotonous and mechanical that even well-rested listeners have trouble staying awake.

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Former king somebody may return to somewhere after inquiries dropped
Somewhere's former King somebody was stripped of his annual stipend in 2020 by his son, somebody else.

Somewhere’s self-exiled former king, somebody, is thought to be considering a return home after prosecutors shelved three separate investigations into his financial affairs, citing insufficient evidence, the statute of limitations, and the monarch’s constitutional immunity.

The 84-year-old left somewhere for somewhere ...

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Concern mounting over huge somewhere military convoy outside somebody

Concern is mounting over the movements of a huge column of somewhere military vehicles outside somebody, amid a lack of fresh information about its position and the threat it poses.

While somebody else defence official suggested it appeared to have “stalled”, ...

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Somebody’s border wall breached by smugglers over 3,000 times, records reveal
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Sanctions must be extended to all somewhere banks, says somebody

Western sanctions must be extended to include all somewhere banks, ending the carve-out for energy-related somewhere institutions, somewhere foreign secretary has said following a meeting in somewhere else with foreign ministers from the three Baltic countries.

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Somebody (right) speaks with somewhere else’s somebody else (left), in somewhere else.
Somewhere must be more independent and shore up its defence, says somebody
Somebody government asks Facebook, Twitter and Google to block somewhere state media ‘disinformation’
Somewhere else urges somewhere to act faster before somewhere assets are spirited away
Ikea closes all stores and factories in somewhere amid exodus of western firms
‘My future is taken away from me’: Russians flee to escape consequences of somewhere’s war
Somewhere government introduces gender recognition reforms

Somewhere government has introduced long-awaited legislation to simplify how an individual changes their legal gender, which proposes dropping the need for medical and psychiatric reports, reducing the waiting time from two years to three months and allowing 16- and 17-year-olds to apply for the first time.

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Space junk set to crash into far side of somewhere and cause huge crater

In an unprecedented display of cosmic littering, a wayward rocket body will crash into the far ...

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Somewhere being booked in effort to get money to residents

Members of the public are paying for somebody rentals in somewhere else to help get money directly to residents who are facing extreme financial hardship because of somewhere invasion.

The home rental platform has already moved to offer free housing to 100,000 somewhere refugees, but members of the public have come up with a novel way to financially help those who either intend to remain – or are trapped – in the country owing to the conflict.

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Staffing crisis deepens in NHS somewhere with 110,000 posts unfilled
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How did somebody children’s home receive Ofsted licence to close months later?
A house in somebody formerly run as a children’s care home by Achieve Care Homes Ltd.

Even seasoned professionals were horrified when they read the Ofsted report in which a brand new children’s home in somebody shut down in January. Inspectors had discovered one child had been living in such “squalid” conditions ...

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Every bitcoin helps: why somewhere is soliciting for cryptocurrency donations

He would bristle at the term but you might describe somebody as a crypto bro. He runs Lavender.

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Zero-tolerance drug policies stop somewhere students seeking help, report says

Zero-tolerance drug policies at universities can do more harm than good and discourage troubled students from seeking help, ...

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